Commercial General Liability

Protect your business against bodily injury and property damage claims in Sandy, UT.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your personal policy won’t cover you while you’re driving the company vehicle.

Worker Compensation Insurance

Make sure your employees are covered against injury on the job in Sandy, UT.

Other Insurances Provided

We also offer personal, home, auto and other policies in Sandy, Utah.

Safeguard Your Company’s Future

Obtain commercial insurance coverage in Sandy, UT

If you’re a business owner or contractor, Coordinated Insurance Services can help you navigate the often-hectic landscape of insurance policies. You need to be sure your policy covers your needs, including:

In addition to commercial insurance coverage, we can also help you with payroll services. Contact us today for your commercial insurance needs in Sandy, Utah.

Get answers to your questions

Part of the problem with picking the right insurance policy is knowing exactly what it covers. You need to know if the base policy fits your needs, or if you need add-ons or a different policy to be completely covered.

The experienced insurance agents of Coordinated Insurance Services will help you find what you’re looking for and make sure you get the best quote available. Discover the options available for your next insurance policy by contacting us today.

Find the policy you need

Coordinated Insurance Services has been in business since 1956, though the company underwent an ownership change in 2005. Approximately 85 percent of our business deals with commercial policies, though personal home and auto policies, along with health insurance (including group policies), are also handled. Our licensed insurance brokers represent approximately 100 different companies to help you find the best insurance policy at the most affordable rate.

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